About Dorsoo


Dorsoo is the result of medical experience in back prevention.

Our link to Handi-Move

In October 1982, Belgian founder René Van Raemdonck created Handi-Move together with a university research group, to develop an innovative, patented lifting system for a friend who uses a wheelchair.

Today, Handi-Move is globally known as the specialist in back-friendly lifting systems, enabling wheelchair users to be more mobile and reducing the strain on carers’ backs. Handi-Move works worldwide with a team of around 100 employees and 85% of the exports go to the US, Japan and Europe.

Creation of Dorsoo

Dorsoo was created as a result of the development of a new bed system; a new functioning slatted base, for people with back and sleep problems. As increasingly more people were longing for a good bed, Handi-Move, with all its experience and know-how, decided to set up a dedicated sister company to develop a new bed system. This led in 2000 to the creation of Dorsoo, a truly Belgian company!

In search of the ideal bed system

With its own research & development department, Dorsoo embarked on its search for the ideal bed. Numerous questions were answered:

  • How should the back be supported? What is anatomically correct support?
  • In which sleeping position is the back least strained and able to recuperate most?
  • Which support systems are currently available?
  • Which support is offered by spring, latex, water and foam mattresses?
  • How can a bed system be developed which ideally supports your back?
  • Which materials and systems can be used?

A long old process of trials, tests and tribulations.

All ‘classic’ mattresses and bases were scrapped during the research and development stage and an entirely new and innovative concept was introduced.

The result was a unique hydraulic pump system that was patented worldwide.

Research and development

The system was trialled for several years by doctors, physiotherapists, patients with different types of back problems, but also those with other physical complaints. To this day, our research & development team is still looking to improve our system. The development process is monitored with a close eye: production, assembling, inspection, after-sales service… All this enables us to offer our customers only the best top-quality products.

100% Belgian customisation of the highest quality

The Dorsoo bed system is today still manufactured in our own factory in Ninove, Belgium. Durable, high quality materials, advanced techniques and a philosophy that puts customer satisfaction first are the benefits of Dorsoo. Dorsoo bed systems are recommended and used by doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and thousands of other customers.

“Our strength lies in the fact that we never went the normal route, we purposely steered away from our predecessors footsteps to achieve our goal: to help people with a backache. Dorsoo was one of those inventions which many considered to be technically unachievable. Until we proved them wrong,” says René Van Raemdonck, founder of Handi-Move and Dorsoo.

Dorsoo headquarters

Dorsoo International
Ten Beukenboom 13
9400 Ninove
Tel.: 0032 54 31 97 21
Fax: 0032 54 31 97 37