No more back pain in bed

Prof. Dr. Guy Hoffmann of Brugmann University Hospital in Brussels tested the Dorsoo bed with patients suffering from back pain and sleeping problems.

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Testimonial: How Dorsoo helps against back pain

Read about the experiences of our customers and how a Dorsoo has helped them to sleep better and relieve their back problems.

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Design your own Dorsoo dream bed

A single or double mattress

The Dorsoo mattress consists of an innovative mattress core, surrounded by a soft cover. Both have been developed so that they gently follow the movements of the hydraulic base. Choose either a single or double mattress. Even with a double mattress, both sleepers have their own mattress core. This means that whether you’re a light or a heavy sleeper, you’ll enjoy back support that’s tailored to you personally.

Sleeping on a cloud with the Dorsoo mattress

A fixed or adjustable slatted base

The Dorsoo bed system comes with a flat or adjustable base. Both offer the same excellent ergonomic comfort. You and your sleeping partner don’t have to opt for the same system. Both can be combined in a double bed frame. With the adjustable system, you can adjust both the back and leg sections electronically.

With an adjustable system such as this, you’re investing in the well-being of your back.

The bed frame that fits your interior

A bed that takes good care of your back can also be beautiful to behold. The bed frames from Dorsoo have been designed together with Belgian designers. Modern, timeless or rustic?

Choose from six designs or would you like to request custom adjustments to the design, dimensions and coverings of your bed frame? Just say the word!

A Dorsoo bed frame fits in every bedroom interior